How I make money shortening links Using Wordlink

Disclaimer:: This post contains affiliate links. By you clicking on them, I may or many not be compensated by the service I am helping to promote in this post. Thank you

If you are like me trying to passively earn money blogging through various ad revenue sources, you probably can understand how difficult this can be at times.

I have been blogging since 2016, my first failed but not from a lack of trying. Pouring myself into articles about how to turn my hobby into my dream job gave me enough motivation to seek out more avenues. I know there are several ways I can try and I won’t be rich tomorrow. However, Every minute that passes by is a potential $ to be made. After all, time is money and I don’t like to waste either.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

One avenue I came across is Wordlink. It’s a link shortening service that pays you to share your favorite links with a shorter url that can be shared into various platforms like Twitter or Instagram, where you may be only allowed a certain amount of characters to post or put into your bio. The only catch is the 5 second window from adfly that you have to sit through before viewing the real page you want to view. It’s just 5 seconds and with every link that’s shortened and shared, you earn money from each view. It’s just that simple.

Unfortunately, sites like facebook or youtube have since banned people from sharing these links to their platforms. But there are some very clever people who have founds ways around these little hiccups.

The only way I can show you how it works is by you clicking here

5 second ad and back to my lovely site 🙂

That’s all there really is to that!

Now you can earn money blogging through this service using the banner above.

NOTE: No, you will definitely not be rich tomorrow or the next day, but hopefully while you build your followers and page views that will soon change.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful and informative. Please feel free to share and comment below.

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