5 Ambassador Programs to Join as an IG Influencer

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an Ambassador for a brand? You see a lot of your favorite celebrities and public figures promote all of these great products, but did you know that you ( yes, you! ) can be an Ambassador as well? and the best part is you don’t have to have such a huge following to do so.

There are some awesome start-up companies out there constantly looking for ambassadors or influencers to represent their products all over social media. Some will even send a free gift for joining their team. And to clarify on the free part, they are mainly sending you a code to redeem for a free product and these products will usually run about $60 or more and all you have to do is pay for shipping. Not a bad deal, am I right?

I have been avidly working as a Brand Ambassador for a few years now and I absolutely love the work and jobs that I have been blessed to have gotten just so I can pursue my dream job.

Some brands that I am an ambassador for right now are…

Sand Cloud
Sunny Co Clothing
Creations for a Cause
… and currently applying for more

Depending on what you niche is, you can find a few that are a great fit for you. Some companies may be looking for a specific type of Influencer to represent their brands so don’t discouraged if you don’t get accepted right away or not at all.

There are plenty of brands out there that are actively looking for ambassadors and sometimes they end up finding you first. There are some brands that will pay you but not all of them. Usually, you will need to make a small investment (usually through really good discounts) and sometimes you will get a commission usually just depending on how good of a good promoter you are and how big your following is.

Now, let’s learn a bit more about some of the great brands listed above…



Sand Cloud has been around for a little while now and they sell beautiful towels, cute branded shirts, leggings, and some other adorable accessories. The only disadvantage is that products often sell out quickly so it’s best to sign up and check your email to daily to stay in the loop with their newest product launches and restocked items.

Sign up is pretty quick and easy and most of the time applicants hear back pretty quickly and just also be sure to check your spam.

One cool aspect is that you get awarded points for every purchase and share to social media and as they add up you can redeem those points for bigger discounts in their store. Yes, I would advise to at least buy a shirt and another small product and save up enough points to get a towel.

It’s always helpful to share on Social Media in any creative way you can to show off your products and use all the relevant hashtags. They like to feature the most creative people out their on their IG accounts and that’s always great exposure for you and them as you are trying to grow your account and get more points from those who purchase using your link.

Did I mention the great deed Sand Cloud is doing for the environment?

For every purchase, they donate 10% of all proceeds to help save Marine Wildlife. So there’s that if you are passionate about #SavingTheFishes


If you are looking to get some free product upon signing up. Sunny Co Clothing offers its ambassadors the choice of a free swimsuit or free hat. All you have to pay is shipping. They are a great company that for the most part delivers what they promise and just recently had a pretty rad campaign where they gave out several free suits to those shared an image on IG and of-course the ambassadors received a sweet incentive from this campaign for sharing the love. They pretty much have a style for every body type and have some really adorably sexy one pieces for some of us with the mommy bulge. They are incredibly accommodating and if you are creative with your posts then yes ofcourse you can get featured on their feed as well.

Check them out here



Surely, you have already heard of this awesome Company.  Every quarter they release a seasonal subscription box full of full-sized beauty,fitness and wellness products to those subscribe. It’s a great investment for the amount of product you are receiving and yes you can cancel at anytime. But trust me you will not want to. As an ambassador or Influencer you do get offered some sweet discounts as well as commission from any sales that are generated through your shared link/posts using your unique code.



I honestly just joined this program and am excited to try it out myself. Lively is an official lingerie brand that offer unique and comfortable styles to all shapes and sizes and recently just launched a new no-wire strapless bra that I feel will definitely sell out fast. Their program too offers unique discounts to ambassadors as well as opportunities to be featured on their Instagram and website. I am very excited to try out their products and post about them on Social Media.

Interested as well? Sign up here



I have to admit I have not been actively promoting this brand as much as I would like or should but it’s still a lovely opportunity to be apart of such a beautiful growing company that is focused on giving back to the most under-privileged and underdeveloped communities throughout our world today. This is definitely for those who want to reach out help those around us in more unfortunate situations. They offer a lot of the same styled products as Sand Cloud does like their water bottles and jewelry and the perks of becoming an ambassador are about the same but still they are a great company to help promote.

Check them out here



As you can see these all can be a lot to promote at once and some do require a purchase here and there but if you believe in what they are promoting your audience will sure do so as well.

Oh, I almost forgot to include that almost every company has their own Facebook groups you can join to network and communicate with the creators and other ambassadors. You will find out about the newest products and exchange ideas amongst each other and may even arrange meet-ups to help with community outreach projects.

Well, there you have it. If you have any cool other ambassador programs that you would like to promote please be sure to leave your referral link in the comments below and share. I would love to know about any other programs out there. I am sure there has to be more!

13 thoughts on “5 Ambassador Programs to Join as an IG Influencer

    1. Absolutely! Sorry for the very late reply. I hope you had a chance to reach out and represent them. I love them all!


    1. You are very welcome. I think by now they should all be pretty popular but I definitely hope you were to join one of them and enjoy them as much as I have!


    1. You are very welcome. Hopefully, you have joined some of them and been able to enjoy all the awesome discounts and sales some of them have been offering lately.


    1. So sorry for the late reply. They are all lovely companies and I’m proud to help promote and share with you all. I hope you have had already been able to join at-least one of them already and enjoy the perks so far.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Great Question!

      There is really no big following requirement. Sand Cloud for instance is awesome about accepting pretty much everyone.As long as you are passionate about their program and their mission they are very welcoming. They are always on the lookout for ambassadors and do offer really great discounts and perks. And the same goes for the others. If you are very engaging, create awesome posts featuring their products on Social Media, you have a greater chance to get featured on their pages.

      And you should be able to get accepted pretty much right away as long as you fill out their forms all the way through. You do need to make a few purchases here and there on some of their products to help promote them. Like a T-shirt. Or a pair of socks lol just to show you help you support their missions.

      Sunny Co Clothing offers a free swimsuit or hat upon joining. Just have to pay for shipping.

      Hope this helps. And these are just the ones that I am apart of and love to promote. You might find more companies that you are fall in love with, if so please do come back and let me know so I can add them to the list.

      Liked by 1 person

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