I received my Summer FabFitFun Box..and look what I got- Full Review

It’s Here!!

Actually I received it 2 weeks ago but finally found time to share what I received.

I am pretty sure you have heard by now but FabFitFun is the most popular subscription box out there for all of us Beauty and Fitness gurus. For just around $40 you receive full size fitness, beauty, and skincare products that altogether total $350-400. It’s like Christmas day 4x a year. You actually have the option to edit your box and select some of the products to have in your own box. I really just like to be surprised so I haven’t used that feature but seeing what others have posted on Instagram lately, I might change my mind for the next box coming up.

I will also mention that if you did decide to subscribe, you can cancel at any time providing you contact them directly to ensure your payment info doesn’t get charged as long as it’s before the next billing cycle.

So….now lets get to it.

So, the first thing i grabbed was the official FabFitFun catalog that comes in every box. I didn’t spend too much time with it at first but I had it out close by me to help me figure out what the heck I was going to uncover next.

Sometimes, I get amazed by the interesting Knick knacks that I get. The catalog is important to look through and what each product is, how they are used and how much the retail value is.

I’m telling you again. It’s seriously Christmas in July right now.

So anyways..

Ofcourse , I took an awkward selfie to document the occasion.

Isn’t it just beautiful?!

My Box consisted of…

Yumi Kim makeup case $58

Tarte Tartiest pro to go palette $43

Orlando Pita Play treatment spray $34

Vasanti Brighten Up Face Rejuvenator $29

Erth Tu Y Yu Ring $55

Foreo Luna Fofo $89

Coola White Tea Sunscreen Moisturizer $32

Pier 1 imports ring dish $14.99

I’d say after going over it all I might have swapped a thing or two but overall I’m so happy with my box. As I said I like to be surprised. I have tried other subscription boxes and I like to go for the best.

What can I say? I love to spoil myself and even more so when others spoil me better. It’s just how I love to live my daily life. Always something in my mailbox to look forward to.

So, for my gift to you for choosing to read my full review I would to give you $10 off your next box. Just click here

And be sure to use code:: BEACHBABE at checkout.

If you have been wanting to try this subscription service.. I think now is the best time to try it. I bet you work hard and i fully support you wanting to treat yourself 4x a year.

Also, FFF offers an affiliate program as well. So, definitely give it some good thought and at-least 1 box delivery and if you aren’t that impressed with them.. like I said you can always cancel.

Well, that’s all I have today my dears. I hope you found this post helpful and as always…Please (pretty please) share with all your friends and feel free to leave more comment love.

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