How to stay connected with WeVibe

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Have you and your partner been looking for ways to connect more when you both are separated? Are you both fighting hard to keep that hot sexual chemistry alive as long as possible? Well, fight no more.

I might know of a really exciting new option to help you and your partner out.

Let me just say that sex with an amazing partner that you trust and care about deeply can be out of this world amazing for several reasons. It’s not all just about foreplay, positions, cute outfits, and all the pleasure items.

It’s about connection.

So, in what ways do you and your partner use to stay connected? How do you keep that passion alive and hotter than ever while still being hundreds of miles away?

We- Connect could be the answer to your problems. We-Connect is an app through We-Vibe which specializes in both couples and solo vibrators. When you and your partner decide to purchase them together, you can immediately download the app to sync with the products.

The app allows you both to video chat and effectively control each other’s pleasure levels using the unique settings. Its the ultimate love making enhancer that brings just more intimacy and connection that goes away through long-distance relationships.

Yes, I imagine it’s complete torture not being able to have the real thing when you both get to video chat and drive each other crazy. But that’s what it makes it totally fun and mad hot.

Now that you know of a new option, what’s stopping you from talking to your partner and trying out this new and exciting feature together?

Please feel free to let me know if you have tried it or are interested in trying it. I would love to hear feedback on whether it helped you and your partner out.