3 Exhilarating reasons why you should use this app to amp up your sex life

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may or may not receive compensation when you click on one of my links and make s purchase.

Have you and your partner been looking for ways to connect more when you both are separated? Are you both fighting hard to keep that hot sexual chemistry alive as long as possible? Well, fight no more.

I might know of a really exciting new option to help you and your partner out.

Let me just say that sex with an amazing partner that you trust and care about deeply can be out of this world amazing for several reasons. It’s not all just about foreplay, positions, cute outfits, and all the pleasure items.

It’s about connection.

So, in what ways do you and your partner use to stay connected? If you aren’t well this app can help.

We- Connect is the hottest new adult pleasure experience I think all couples should try out.

If you are experiencing a relationship where your significant other is absent a lot because of work, this could be amazing for both of you.

There are a few amazing reasons why you and your partner should consider this.

First, it gives you the option to video chat while your away from each other. Yes, you you can FaceTime but this is not your ordinary video chat option.

Second, while you are video chatting and hearing it up. You can give each other great pleasure by controlling the levels of the pleasure items you might own through We-Connect. There is a vibrator for her that the partner can help control from afar while watching all the pleasure through the video chat. Both partners can experience an exhilarating experience and stay connected.

Third, you can feel safe knowing there is 100% security in your sexy exchange. You both can enjoy each other privately and help build back a connection that might have died off.

To me this is a bigger turn on than the 50 shades porn fiction. You both can open up to each other and try out something that both of you give and receive to each other while being so far apart.

Now that you know of a new option, what’s stopping you from talking to your partner and trying out this new and exciting feature together?

Please feel free to let me know if you have tried it or are interested in trying it. I would love to hear feedback on whether it helped you and your partner out.

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