How I get paid to listen to my favorite podcasts

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It’s so easy to earn currency through our mobile devices these days. I love it. I love the idea of being able to listen and earn while doing all of my household duties. It certainly keeps me motivated and eager to get things done.

As if we all already had enough trouble putting our phones down, right? Now I just learned to accept that I can earn some good side income on a daily basis just on my phone alone. Thank the heavens for Wi-Fi and my charger.. otherwise it wouldn’t be possible.

Just last week I started browsing the App Store. The first thing I always check for is the reviews to find out what other users are saying and if certain apps are worth my time. So I came across this one called PodCoin and was wanting to give it a try because it provides an all-access library of the most popular and updated podcasts. Upon signing up, I immediately searched and subscribed to as many podcasts I could find. Most of which I have been aware of and wanted to listen to. Now, I’m pretty hooked on it.

It does require an insane amount of listening and pays you in ” Coins”. You get paid 1 coin per ten minutes of listening. Yes, it sounds like nuts to do this all day every day I’m sure. But consider yourself listening to just one episode of a podcast can earn you a few just while washing the dishes or wiping your countertops.

Basically, you don’t have to sit there and watch your earnings grow, but have it playing while you are running errands, cleaning your house, chasing your kids etc. I mean time does fly by when you are busy right.

And just like many apps once you accumulate a certain amount you can choose to redeem for a gift card or donate to a charity. I’m saving up for an Amazon gift card myself. It’s my favorite new obsession right next to Swagbucks ( just because SW has PayPal ) which is also being ran on my laptop. Hey! No judgement I still have a life.

So, if you are still curious to give it a try and sign up here

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