Like Free Products? Then you’ll love this review platform

I received a complimentary #bossbabevoxbox from Influenster. I agreed to review and blog about the service I have recieved. I’m also able to keep the products in lieu of payment.

It’s become easier for influencers to attain free products. All they need is to be active on most or all Social Media platforms, have a decent following count, and post quality reviews.

Brands rely heavily now on influencers such as Bloggers and Ambassadors to try and review their products to get the word out to essentially make sales. They do prefer honest feedback so if something isn’t working, it simply isn’t profitable. So, the more honest you are ( respectfully, of course ) they will most likely pay more attention.

While there are platforms out there that you have to get approved for to promote for their clients, there is one free service that is pretty amazing. Not a big following count? No biggie! This service will combine all your social media platforms and give you an impact score upon signing up. That impact score will increase the more you interact and constantly post quality content that will draw in the masses. And the best part us is its totally free.

All you have to do is review and post. Ask and answer questions for other users. You will earn badges based on completing certain tasks. And sometimes you will be randomly selected to receive a complimentary sized box full of full and trial sizes products. All you have to do is agree to the terms and review, post and complete the tasks before the deadline to unlock more badges and opportunities to receive more free boxes.

The platform is called Influenster. I have been with them for over a year and received at least 3 boxes. They are amazing. I was recently picked for their #bossbabevoxbox and this is what I received.

I have about 3 weeks left to finish up my tasks but really wanted to share how much I love this service.

So far I have been able to use the facial cleanser and the gummies. I really enjoy them both.

The gummies are so delicious and I can’t quite tell a difference yet, I’m hoping to see one when I finish. I have always wanted to try these and love that they are my favorite flavor, strawberry.

I have been using this gentle cream cleanser from Korres. I like that it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave a residue after cleansing. It’s just a clean fresh feeling that I prefer. I just wish it was in a bigger size.

The hair color I’m still kind of putting off until I can find a time to experiment and proudly show it off. I’m happy to say it does wash out pretty quickly, but not quite sure of how I would feel walking around purple or blue hair.

Although, it looks like a fun time to try it out with my kid.

I also received a face mask sample and it looks like a free box coupon from ” A Taste of Home ” valued at $80. I better get on that one.

So, yes. If you like to be apart of the awesome platform. Sign up soon so you too can start earning towards a free voxbox.

The more you interact and review, the better your chances. It’s definitely worth checking out.

They also offer some great cashback offers. I received $8 from their recent Maybelline campaign.

Are you already on Influenster? Please feel free to look me up and follow. I always follow back.


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