12 Gifts for the GoT nerd in your life

This post contains Affiliate links which means if you click on one of my links and make a purchase, I may get compensated for it.

Today is the day y’all. We are now on our final season of the most beloved show.

Are you ready? I’m not but I’ll still be playing catch up. I’m still pretty behind.

Ok. So I’m sure those watch will be in need of some supplies to get them through their emotions. I have taken on the task to round up all of the essential items to help us get through it.

You can find a lot of these at different stores but I wanted to share some pretty cool finds that I’m sure some of you will appreciate.

Ok. It’s only polite. So ofcourse ladies first.

Click here to shop this shirt

I’m not quite sure what other makeup brand has an exclusive GoT themed makeup but Urban Decay is pretty on point. Take a look here

I love the Alex and Ani bracelets and thought it was pretty cool to see them have this Sansa Stark bracelet. Click here

I’m in need of a new wallet. ( not really ) So I think I will grab this for myself.

And who doesn’t need any socks? You know you need them

Now you guys might appreciate this one.

Because Apple products are expensive AF. And they need to be protected. Come on now

Because snacks are an important food group especially the chocolate kind that is themed for our favorite show for a limited time. So you might want to stock up for the full season.

Just saying.

Keep up with the rest of the year of GoT style.

If you are playing catch up like me.

Not sure how far behind you are but Just click on the pic above to find the one you need.

Talk about a really fun game night.

Some of these may be only online as they are no longer at my own store. So be sure to look up on target or Amazon to see if they have one.

This looks like the perfect gift box.

Oh I’m sure there are tons more where they came from. All of these I found on Target if none of what you are looking for is on here. Amazon may be the way to go.

Hope you enjoyed.

Are you wanting to see more GoT posts? Be sure to comment below for requests and I’ll be happy to put out more contents geared towards the series.

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