20 Interesting Podcasts worth listening to on Podcoin

Just recently I posted about one of my favorite apps that pay its users to listen to their favorite podcasts daily and earn points towards gift cards.

Since sharing it I saw my referral bonuses adding up and realized how much of a popular post it’s been.

I’m very happy I can help others discover new ways to earn and now I’d like to share some of my favorite podcasts that I love to listen to that keep me inspired, entertained, and much more knowledgeable about things I never thought would benefit my life as they have.

Just to be clear. I listen to just about any and everything that catches my unique interests. I like adult humor, career advice, tv and film reviews, parenting advice, crime stories, and other oddball and otherwise useless knowledge sometimes.

But I felt some of these were worth mentioning because I do know there are so many aspiring boss babes that would love to know about these.

In case you might have missed the post about the app that pays me to listen to the awesome podcasts just click below.

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1. LadyGang

2. Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry & Lindsey Crisley

3. Speak L.A

4. The YouTube Power Hour Podcast

5. Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast

6. Off the Vine with Kaitlin Bristowe

7. Living Out Loud Podcast: Health & Wellness | Valerie Vidan

8. The Fearless Women’s Podcast

9. RISE Podcast | Rachel Hollis

10. The Ben Shapiro Show

11. Whine down with Jana Kramer

12. Become a Workflow boss

13. The First Degree

14. Acting Real with Kat Foster

15. Dinner Sisters

16. My worst Audition ever

17. Confidence Confidential

18. Why we do what we do

19. No name actors podcast

20. Lauren Conrad: Asking for a friend ( coming soon :))

I’m sure there are others on my subscription list but these are my top 20 for the time being.

Yes. That’s a lot of listening time but anytime I’m cleaning or having my down time I like to listen in on an episode here or there.

Do you have a favorite podcast that wasn’t listed? Be sure to make a recommendation in the comments below and I’ll gladly listen in on it.

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