How I compose my blog posts in under 15 minutes

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When I first started blogging I started having anxiety. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about. I mean there is so much in my life that I have learned. I want to share with you all about my experiences and opportunities that I believe would be beneficial to you.

My first post was the hardest but also the most rewarding one because it was well received by my viewers. It turns out people like to read inspirational posts.

So each post after that became easier.

There are a ton of ideas out there but not everything fits in every niche. Especially mine.

I like quality over quantity. And I feel like you as my reader enjoy that as well. Being that I have already composed something you were interested in clicking on, and yet you are still here.

But before I lose you. Let me just get to the point.

As a blogger I can often be motivated by so many things at once. Literally I feel like this quote describes me too darn well.

That’s why it’s important to write them all down and then then strike them out one by one.

I have read where other bloggers use a notepad for their drafts. I mean whatever works for us we tend to go with that. I prefer to just use my blog app.

Having access to my platform through my phone allows me to draft on the go. I don’t have to drag my computer out at every opportunity and it just helps make the process faster for me.

So I would like to share how I can compose my blog posts in as little as 15 minutes.

The longest part is the writing or typing. Finding the time to keep it all going and flowing until the end. And that to me can be also the most challenging part. It all just depends on the topic and how much I really want to include in it.

Draft Write

So planning it out just like with any draft is really the most important part. But once that is done it tends to make everything else flow better and faster.

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As stated above when motivation hits I just start typing out my draft in the app. It automatically saves it in real time and if I ever need to take a quick break I also re-save it just in case something happens. If I already know enough of what I’m rambling about. I just type and then verify facts later.

I also have Grammarly installed to ensure I am on top of any errors to speed up the long check later.


Also in between writing breaks I’ll take the time to search for relevant stock pics to help market my blog post graphics.

These are very important when promoting on the more visual Social Media Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. People are more inclined to click on your content when you have pretty or attractive graphics included.

That also means including any affiliate links I may want to plug in somewhere. I mean I have to help pay for the annual renewal fee to keep this site going.


So with all of that. Once the draft is done. I’ll read through a couple of times. Make some editing adjustments. Paste or attach appropriate links and graphics. And for the 3rd time allow grammarly to access everything throughly to eliminate as many errors as possible.

And once all of that is done and I’m satisfied with what I have drafted. I hit publish. And then there it goes out into the World Wide Web.

Huge Sigh of Relief.

All is well with my soul and I can get to fun part of promoting it all over social media and seeing the views roll in.

I actually have timed myself when doing all of this in one sitting and was able to submit a full post in just about 13 and half minutes. A few of which were editing a graphic on canva.

Check out my post : Why I Invest in these $8 nails instead of the Salon

Because it was a post promoting a product I actually know and have used. I wrote everything I knew and liked about it and just typed it up using links that I had copied into a notepad and pasted them. Attaching pictures that were saved to my phone and my grammarly keyboard helped along the way.

Sometimes the spark will come when you are sitting in your kitchen and you just have to go with it or lose it forever.

If you know any and everything about one topic that doesn’t require much fact checking or research, then it’s just not very hard to draft, edit and post.

Sharing content literally just takes seconds. Especially when using the Social Media buttons on my page. I typically don’t count that in the timeframe as I just continue to share daily.

so how long do you think it took me to draft this post?

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