How I made $79.09 in August with Ibotta

In case it’s not been made clear in any of my most recent posts, I would like to clarify here and now that I love to make make money. The best part is while I’m spending it. Wait, what? How is that even possible?

Well it is. There are several apps on my phone that I love to use religiously every month while shopping. There is one in app in particular that I’ll use more than most because I’m constantly buying groceries daily. I have retrieve something from these purchases.

Ibotta has been on point with keeping up with trends and rewarding its users with awesome bonuses for using it. The more you buy the more you can unlock to earn even more during the months.

There is always a bonus from week to week. Newer rebates are released and therefore unlimited earning potential. It makes that less than fun grocery run more pleasant.

Ibotta has been around for awhile now and has gone through so many updates and changes. From what I can see it’s only improved and there are some stores that make it easier to shop and earn than others.

Stores like Food Lion, Lowe’s Foods, etc have loyalty programs when you shop and require you to input your loyalty card number into the app. So when you shop and purchase a rebate item that you saved and qualifies you will receive your rebate once the app confirms the purchase. The downside to this is that it takes up to 1-2 days for it to update. But there are no hassles with receipts with that option.

Walmart now has barcodes on their receipts that can be easily be scanned with the app to verify checkout and give an instant payout from your purchase.

What I like about it is that month to month there are fresh new rebates available and they bring back popular rebates often. The one downside is sometimes you may not always be able to find certain products at some stores. I always seem to find most of them at Wal Mart though.

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This month alone I made $79.09. Probably the most I have in a single month. Usually, I’ll cashout as soon as I hit the limit so I can help pay towards my credit card payment but I’m thinking about prolonging until after the year concludes to see just how much I can make.

Based on the earnings where I accessed the app it showed me all of the rebates I earned from each day plus the bonuses I earned for completing the trips before the deadline.

This was obviously a big month for us.

I made $45.59 from just the trips alone and the remaining $33.50 are from bonuses. Some of the bonuses start out small from the beginning and then increase after each time you meet the deadline.

So, far to date I have made $469.97 with this app. As I said they are constantly evolving and updating the app.

I love that I can find something I actually like to buy and unlock even more perks. It ranks very high on my favorite app list. They actually just came out with the with Pay with Ibotta option that offers its users 1% on top of the additional rebates you can earn from your next trip when you choose this option. Just follow the steps to sign up and you can earn even more.

What are your favorite perks about this app? Any dislikes or improvements you would like to see with it? Feel free to share here.

What I learned from my first failed blog

I first started blogging in 2016. I had heard about it and was very interested in it but had absolutely no clue what I should have been doing.

I did know a few things. I needed to find a niche. Something I could write honestly and accurately about that was at a high interest to my readers. I pretty much chose lifestyle but emphasized a lot about my career choice, Acting.

While this may be of interest to a lot of people, it wasn’t well SEO targeted. Truthfully, I didn’t know much of SEO at that time and didn’t bother researching about it. Epic fail alert.

I also didn’t know too much about Pinterest algorithms or the importance of creating very appealing graphics through amazing apps like Canva.

I did eventually pour through numerous blogging posts I found on Pinterest and thought I had some things figured out. But I was still laser focused on trying to make this thing work and make money, I simply overlooked some very key details.

I made sure to post as often as I could and share fairly with groups I found on Social Media. But knowing now that was something I was actually hurting myself by doing this. I was blindly manipulating my view counts along with countless others instead of trying to organically grow my blog.

I also might have been shadowbanned a couple of times, still shocked I wasn’t actually banned from the platforms altogether. Very thankful but cautious from now on.

I also realized how important it is to use my blog posts to effectively market my affiliate links without appearing too spammy and breaking any rules.

Hence why you should always have a disclaimer. Always. It actually says that in the terms and conditions.

The truth is blogs take time to grow. It’s unrealistic to set expectations of how many views and subs I may get at this point. But as long as I continue to play fairly on these platforms, I know I will get there.

I’m going to disclose how many views I received last month. It’s quite sad actually. But I did make a very tiny and yet laughable amount from ads that display on this site.

It’s nowhere near enough for me to quit my day job. But I’m making progress. I see the light. And so will you.

If you are just starting out, don’t give up. That’s another thing. I quit both blogs. Way too early. Rather, I simply let them lapse and didn’t continue to learn and grow.

Please take in these few tips from my failures if you will.

1) choose what you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Write about that.

2) Utilize SEO to get ideas on what is trending so that you can use them in relevancy to your blog.

3) Quality of Quantity. If you can’t think of another post. It’s okay. Really. Just go through your old posts and recycle them to make them better.

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4) Use Canva for your images and graphics. There are so many free templates available with fonts made available to edit and use at your discretion.

5) Use your Social Media to promote and remember to stay classy about it. Don’t spam. You will get yourself banned real quick.

6) Have reasonable expectations and learn from others like me. Yes, pin as many posts dealing with blogging and actually read them.

I’m sure I’m missing some other key factors but I’m still learning myself. If you have any advice please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from others out there like me that are going through the struggle.