Dosh Vs Ibotta: Which app is better?

In case it’s not been made clear in any of my most recent posts, I would like to clarify here and now that I love to make make money. The best part is while I’m spending it. Wait, what? How is that even possible?

Well it is. There are two apps on my phone that I love to use religiously every month while shopping. Sometimes before a shopping trip I like to browse them right before going out and see what’s new or what’s trending so that I can decide on what to get while picking up other necessary items.

Each app has its own perks that the other doesn’t. But they are pretty awesome and worthy enough to deserve a space on your mobile.

Ibotta has been around the longest and has gone through so many updates and changes. From what I can see it’s only improved and there are some stores that make it easier to shop and earn than others.

Stores like Food Lion, Lowe’s Foods, etc have loyalty programs when you shop and require you to input your loyalty card number into the app. So when you shop and purchase a rebate item that you saved and qualifies you will receive your rebate once the app confirms the purchase. The downside to this is that it takes up to 1-2 days for it to update. But there are no hassles with receipts with that option.

Walmart now has barcodes on their receipts that can be easily be scanned with the app to verify checkout and give an instant payout from your purchase.

What I like about it is that month to month there are fresh new rebates available and they bring back popular rebates often. The one downside is sometimes you may not always be able to find certain products at some stores. I always seem to find most of them at Wal Mart though.

Be sure to check out this post 7 Apps that pay me in PayPal Cash.

I really enjoy Dosh because it offers an easier and faster way for you to earn. Once you signup and link a card you automatically receive $5 sometimes or sometimes $10 on holiday promos. Once you do that, you can find all the featured stores in your area or online that are offering cashback. Right now in my town they are these options

Its not as much as Ibotta, but you don’t have to buy certain items to just to earn. You can buy anything from that featured store and while the cashback offer isn’t as big as what Ibotta offers, you can still make some nice chunk change off your daily visit to D. D and yes your wallet will be updated almost instantly.

As far as payout options. Once you hit $25 you can choose to donate or transfer your funds to PayPal. Whereas, Ibotta allows you cashout to many other options other than PayPal like Amazon and Starbucks once you hit $20

So which one is better?

Honestly, there are days when I seem to love one over the other,but I feel like they are both worthy enough for me to use daily so I’ll leave that answer up to you.

What do you feel is more important?

Having more rebate options or fast and efficient payouts? Or perhaps both?


2 thoughts on “Dosh Vs Ibotta: Which app is better?

  1. Hey Kelli-Anne! Thanks for sharing your experience with these two apps. I’ve been looking at joining one of these platforms for awhile. I used to think because I didn’t do a lot of online shopping that it wasn’t for me. But, boy was I wrong. You certainly cleared up some questions and doubts for me. I am sure this is going to be super helpful to plenty because nowadays these platforms are becoming more and more popular.


    1. Yes ma’am. I’m so glad I could clear up your questions and I hope you can sign up up for both. They are great apps and so fun to earn from.

      Liked by 1 person

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