This posh fashion service sends me cute clothes every month for no fee

So by now I’m sure you have heard of many of the popular styled fashion subscriptions out there? You know like Stitchfix, Trunk Club, even Amazon has it going on. For the longest time I was debating on which service I wanted to go with. And I found one I wanted to try more than most.

It was Nadine West.

Nadine West isn’t really a subscription service. They send me a package each month and I only pay for the items I don’t send back. What attracted me was seeing a video on Social Media of an unpacking of a fun cute pink package. It was almost completely styled minus the shoes but it appealed to me because it was something I could actually see myself wearing. So I decided to just take the quiz and sign up.

Upon signing up I was given two options. A monthly package or bi-weekly package. I chose to select the monthly subscription service where they send me two styled looks and jewelry pieces once a month, and I choose the pieces I like the most to keep and send the rest back. I only have a few days to send the package back so I carefully and quickly choose my items and then return the rest. So far I haven’t seen any other charges but I want to make sure to waste no time and getting back to them ASAP.

Here are looks I selected in the previous months.

Since I have been with them I have selected 1 item that “sparks joy” for me. Since each item can price up to $25 I just pick one item per package. It’s a little gift to myself and I like to change it up. My first month I chose a fun maxi dress. Last month, I chose a cute dress shirt and this month I debated on a few and splurged a little bit.

But this is the looks I chose

Another thing I absolutely love is that in months when I can’t spend extra, I can email them to pause delivery for a few months and then I give them a date to resume. I will not be charged for those months that they don’t deliver.

It’s only when it resumes and I get my package, that what I don’t send back will be charged.

Nadine West delivers awesome customer service and I continue to support this service until they give me reason not to.

So if you are considering them, I definitely recommend them.

Right now they are offering free shipping and $10 towards your first purchase. Just sign up here

I hope you found this post helpful. I really adore NW and I’m sure you will too. If you have any other questions or comments, you know what to do! šŸ˜‰

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