7 strategic ways this free Webinar will help you master your IG game

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Struggling with your IG game lately? You’re not the only one. It turns out there are several people struggling. But yet there are still many nailing it. Luckily, since tailwind has connected itself to this popular platform, it now offers a FREE webinar to help you nail down a strategy that will help you build your business.

Notice now that the new algorithm is all about engagement. It doesn’t matter how pretty your selfie looks and how many hashtags you use. Take a look at your favorite influencers profile and how they capture their audience. You can try to copy everything they do, but chances are you will not get the same results they are getting right away. It’s all about strategy and figuring out how to stand out from the crowd and still yield growth and future clients for your brand.

So, how does this free webinar help you out exactly?

It’s simple in 7 easy steps. That’s right.

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There are 7 essential steps to take to master your IG ninja skills. Join in on the free webinar hosted by Instagram Expert Rebekah Radice. Rebekah knows all the tips and tricks to mastering the game. She knows what works and will teach you all you need to know in one hour for FREE.

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Be sure to take lots of notes as it helps to have a visual step by step guide to remind you of what you need.

In the webinar the 7 steps are as follows:

– Get to know the IG culture

– Understand how the tricky Algorithm works

– Find and build your tribe

– Find the best hashtags for your business

– Create Share-worthy Content

– Design an irresistible theme

– Choose the right tools

And that’s not all, not only will you get to watch this webinar for free but Tailwind is offering a free month to those who sign up for the service.

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10 Meaningful designs for your next Tattoo

If you have ever gotten a tattoo before you most likely understand the obsession that comes with getting one. Once you get one, you will have 20 more you will want.

Tattoos are a beautiful artistic expression that we like to showcase on our bodies for many different reasons. As stated before, they can be a huge obsession for some and it clearly shows.

Most people do design their own meaningful ideas and have them placed in the most intriguing places. I received my first one on my 29th Birthday of my oldest sons name with an infinity symbol embedded in it on my wrist.

For the record, my children are the only ones I will ever Brand myself for. Since in my heart they will always be my babies and nothing will change that. And perhaps my momma too since she is pretty much amazing. But that’s it.

There are other ideas I really like but have to carefully select the placement and size given my career choice.

There are several meaningful and creative ideas on what to choose and where to put them just in case they have to be covered.

There is an array of ideas all over Pinterest so be sure to check it out.

Mountains on Feet

Personally, I’m funny about my feet and I have heard it’s pretty painful but I still think it’s a pretty cute idea and placement considering you can cover it if need be. Perfect for those who love traveling and adventure.

Tiny crown on middle finger

Finger tattoos are so pretty and the perfect choice for minimalists. Less is more and very appealing.

Pinky Promise on Side

This can be very special for those who are ultra tight with their siblings or for besties who have withstood the test of time.

Story Quote can be anywhere

For all of you bookworms out there, this is a cute and colorful idea. The quote is full of so much truth and meaning.

Name and Roman Numeral Date

I’ve seen so many of these and really like the dates in Roman Numeral form. It can be any date special to you like your child’s name and birthdate or your name and special date. The placement on the arm is perfect for it.

Faith and Arrows on back

I feel like this is the perfect design for the mid back. It’s definitely on my list.

Inspired Quotes on shoulder

These are super trendy and still provide enough meaning and inspiration for those who might need to wear it on their bodies.

Dream catcher quote on side

This reminds me of the artists and travelers out there who continue to dream and live their best lives. The placement looks painful but still very pleasant to look at.

Still I rise on wrist

This is simple and a super inspired idea for those who continue to grow what they go through.

Galaxy behind the ear

Behind the ear is perfect for the most simple and symbolic small tattoo. Roses or small flowers are great here too.

* All of these photos were found on Pinterest. It’s a gold mine. There is something for everyone 😉

What are your favorites on the list? Please share your own tattoos and ideas in the comments below.