What I learned from my first failed blogs

I first started blogging in 2016. I had heard about it and was very interested in it but had absolutely no clue what I should have been doing.

I did know a few things. I needed to find a niche. Something I could write honestly and accurately about that was at a high interest to my readers. I pretty much chose lifestyle but emphasized a lot about my career choice, Acting.

While this may be of interest to a lot of people, it wasn’t well SEO targeted. Truthfully, I didn’t know much of SEO at that time and didn’t bother researching about it. Epic fail alert.

I also didn’t know too much about Pinterest algorithms or the importance of creating very appealing graphics through amazing apps like Canva.

I did eventually pour through numerous blogging posts I found on Pinterest and thought I had some things figured out. But I was still laser focused on trying to make this thing work and make money, I simply overlooked some very key details.

I made sure to post as often as I could and share fairly with groups I found on Social Media. But knowing now that was something I was actually hurting myself by doing this. I was blindly manipulating my view counts along with countless others instead of trying to organically grow my blog.

I also might have been shadowbanned a couple of times, still shocked I wasn’t actually banned from the platforms altogether. Very thankful but cautious from now on.

I also realized how important it is to use my blog posts to effectively market my affiliate links without appearing too spammy and breaking any rules.

Hence why you should always have a disclaimer. Always. It actually says that in the terms and conditions.

The truth is blogs take time to grow. It’s unrealistic to set expectations of how many views and subs I may get at this point. But as long as I continue to play fairly on these platforms, I know I will get there.

I’m going to disclose how many views I received last month. It’s quite sad actually. But I did make a very tiny and yet laughable amount from ads that display on this site.

It’s nowhere near enough for me to quit my day job. But I’m making progress. I see the light. And so will you.

If you are just starting out, don’t give up. That’s another thing. I quit both blogs. Way too early. Rather, I simply let them lapse and didn’t continue to learn and grow.

Please take in these few tips from my failures if you will.

1) choose what you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Write about that.

2) Utilize SEO to get ideas on what is trending so that you can use them in relevancy to your blog.

3) Quality of Quantity. If you can’t think of another post. It’s okay. Really. Just go through your old posts and recycle them to make them better.

Read My latest post:: How I Compose my blog posts in under 15 Minutes

4) Use Canva for your images and graphics. There are so many free templates available with fonts made available to edit and use at your discretion.

5) Use your Social Media to promote and remember to stay classy about it. Don’t spam. You will get yourself banned real quick.

6) Have reasonable expectations and learn from others like me. Yes, pin as many posts dealing with blogging and actually read them.

I’m sure I’m missing some other key factors but I’m still learning myself. If you have any advice please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from others out there like me that are going through the struggle.


How I compose my blog posts in under 15 minutes

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a commission from you clicking on one of my links below.

When I first started blogging I started having anxiety. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about. I mean there is so much in my life that I have learned. I want to share with you all about my experiences and opportunities that I believe would be beneficial to you.

My first post was the hardest but also the most rewarding one because it was well received by my viewers. It turns out people like to read inspirational posts.

So each post after that became easier.

There are a ton of ideas out there but not everything fits in every niche. Especially mine.

I like quality over quantity. And I feel like you as my reader enjoy that as well. Being that I have already composed something you were interested in clicking on, and yet you are still here.

But before I lose you. Let me just get to the point.

As a blogger I can often be motivated by so many things at once. Literally I feel like this quote describes me too darn well.

That’s why it’s important to write them all down and then then strike them out one by one.

I have read where other bloggers use a notepad for their drafts. I mean whatever works for us we tend to go with that. I prefer to just use my blog app.

Having access to my platform through my phone allows me to draft on the go. I don’t have to drag my computer out at every opportunity and it just helps make the process faster for me.

So I would like to share how I can compose my blog posts in as little as 15 minutes.

The longest part is the writing or typing. Finding the time to keep it all going and flowing until the end. And that to me can be also the most challenging part. It all just depends on the topic and how much I really want to include in it.

Draft Write

So planning it out just like with any draft is really the most important part. But once that is done it tends to make everything else flow better and faster.

Looking to start your own blog? Start one for as low as $12/month with Weebly that looks professional and you will receive your FREE custom domain for 1 year.

As stated above when motivation hits I just start typing out my draft in the app. It automatically saves it in real time and if I ever need to take a quick break I also re-save it just in case something happens. If I already know enough of what I’m rambling about. I just type and then verify facts later.

I also have Grammarly installed to ensure I am on top of any errors to speed up the long check later.


Also in between writing breaks I’ll take the time to search for relevant stock pics to help market my blog post graphics.

These are very important when promoting on the more visual Social Media Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. People are more inclined to click on your content when you have pretty or attractive graphics included.

That also means including any affiliate links I may want to plug in somewhere. I mean I have to help pay for the annual renewal fee to keep this site going.


So with all of that. Once the draft is done. I’ll read through a couple of times. Make some editing adjustments. Paste or attach appropriate links and graphics. And for the 3rd time allow grammarly to access everything throughly to eliminate as many errors as possible.

And once all of that is done and I’m satisfied with what I have drafted. I hit publish. And then there it goes out into the World Wide Web.

Huge Sigh of Relief.

All is well with my soul and I can get to fun part of promoting it all over social media and seeing the views roll in.

I actually have timed myself when doing all of this in one sitting and was able to submit a full post in just about 13 and half minutes. A few of which were editing a graphic on canva.

Check out my post : Why I Invest in these $8 nails instead of the Salon

Because it was a post promoting a product I actually know and have used. I wrote everything I knew and liked about it and just typed it up using links that I had copied into a notepad and pasted them. Attaching pictures that were saved to my phone and my grammarly keyboard helped along the way.

Sometimes the spark will come when you are sitting in your kitchen and you just have to go with it or lose it forever.

If you know any and everything about one topic that doesn’t require much fact checking or research, then it’s just not very hard to draft, edit and post.

Sharing content literally just takes seconds. Especially when using the Social Media buttons on my page. I typically don’t count that in the timeframe as I just continue to share daily.

so how long do you think it took me to draft this post?

20 Interesting Podcasts worth listening to

Just recently I posted about one of my favorite apps that pay its users to listen to their favorite podcasts daily and earn points towards gift cards.

Since sharing it I saw my referral bonuses adding up and realized how much of a popular post it’s been.

I’m very happy I can help others discover new ways to earn and now I’d like to share some of my favorite podcasts that I love to listen to that keep me inspired, entertained, and much more knowledgeable about things I never thought would benefit my life as they have.

Just to be clear. I listen to just about any and everything that catches my unique interests. I like adult humor, career advice, tv and film reviews, parenting advice, crime stories, and other oddball and otherwise useless knowledge sometimes.

But I felt some of these were worth mentioning because I do know there are so many aspiring boss babes that would love to know about these.

In case you might have missed the post about the app that pays me to listen to the awesome podcasts just click below.

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1. LadyGang

2. Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry & Lindsey Crisley

3. Speak L.A

4. The YouTube Power Hour Podcast

5. Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast

6. Off the Vine with Kaitlin Bristowe

7. Living Out Loud Podcast: Health & Wellness | Valerie Vidan

8. The Fearless Women’s Podcast

9. RISE Podcast | Rachel Hollis

10. The Ben Shapiro Show

11. Whine down with Jana Kramer

12. Become a Workflow boss

13. The First Degree

14. Acting Real with Kat Foster

15. Dinner Sisters

16. My worst Audition ever

17. Confidence Confidential

18. Why we do what we do

19. No name actors podcast

20. Lauren Conrad: Asking for a friend ( coming soon :))

I’m sure there are others on my subscription list but these are my top 20 for the time being.

Yes. That’s a lot of listening time but anytime I’m cleaning or having my down time I like to listen in on an episode here or there.

Do you have a favorite podcast that wasn’t listed? Be sure to make a recommendation in the comments below and I’ll gladly listen in on it.

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Why I invest in these $8 Nails instead of the Salon

This post does contain affiliate links which means I may receive compensation for any product you may purchase through one of my clickable links.

If there is one thing that most women are pretty vain about, it’s the nails. Some women won’t leave their house without their makeup, so you can’t count on that being the case when her nails aren’t on fleek.

But how much time and money is invested into insuring that they are on par?

Two years ago I was in CVS and happened to come up on the nail aisle. I Always hated the press on kits because they never worked and they were pretty bland to me. But I noticed a new kit by Kiss. They were completely styled and ready to wear. I also noticed they didn’t require any glue or much maintenance required.

They were legit stick on nails. And only $8 so I just thought, why not? I was also pregnant and didn’t want to subject myself and my unborn to unhealthy chemicals. And the nail polish aroma made nauseous so I caved.

I made the purchase, returned home and immediately went to work on them. I was amazed with the pretty design and how simple the preparation was that I needed to do.

Literally, it took me just 10 -20 minutes to put them on. And I felt pretty cute and confident with my $7 nails. They actually do deliver a fresh nail salon appearance.

I was even more impressed with how long they lasted. 1 1/2 weeks and it really depends on how well you take of the nails. I have heard of other ladies being able to make theirs last longer with the right nail tools and supplies.

I actually haven’t visited a salon in a few years now, and don’t need see the need in doing so anymore. Especially knowing how much damage they were doing to my nails over the times I did visit. I feel much better now showing up to the Starbucks and hearing ” I love your nails!” And then seeing their reaction when I told them they too could get the same ones at CVS, Target, Walmart, etc


I have also noticed that more ladies are discovering them some place are out of stock of certain designs. So you can check out some here and see which ones strike your fancy.

Have you tried these yet? What are thoughts? Love to hear more about your experience in the comments.

12 Gifts for the GoT nerd in your life

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Today is the day y’all. We are now on our final season of the most beloved show.

Are you ready? I’m not but I’ll still be playing catch up. I’m still pretty behind.

Ok. So I’m sure those watch will be in need of some supplies to get them through their emotions. I have taken on the task to round up all of the essential items to help us get through it.

You can find a lot of these at different stores but I wanted to share some pretty cool finds that I’m sure some of you will appreciate.

Ok. It’s only polite. So ofcourse ladies first.

Click here to shop this shirt

I’m not quite sure what other makeup brand has an exclusive GoT themed makeup but Urban Decay is pretty on point. Take a look here

I love the Alex and Ani bracelets and thought it was pretty cool to see them have this Sansa Stark bracelet. Click here

I’m in need of a new wallet. ( not really ) So I think I will grab this for myself.

And who doesn’t need any socks? You know you need them

Now you guys might appreciate this one.

Because Apple products are expensive AF. And they need to be protected. Come on now

Because snacks are an important food group especially the chocolate kind that is themed for our favorite show for a limited time. So you might want to stock up for the full season.

Just saying.

Keep up with the rest of the year of GoT style.

If you are playing catch up like me.

Not sure how far behind you are but Just click on the pic above to find the one you need.

Talk about a really fun game night.

Some of these may be only online as they are no longer at my own store. So be sure to look up on target or Amazon to see if they have one.

This looks like the perfect gift box.

Oh I’m sure there are tons more where they came from. All of these I found on Target if none of what you are looking for is on here. Amazon may be the way to go.

Hope you enjoyed.

Are you wanting to see more GoT posts? Be sure to comment below for requests and I’ll be happy to put out more contents geared towards the series.

How to own your 2019 festival look like a boss

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It’s that time of year again. All the biggest music and entertainment festivals are rearing in and you most likely have your whole look picked out from your hair and makeup to your shoes. But are you sure it’s complete though?

What about your accessories? You know what I’m talking about. I’m just saying what about your jewelry, purses, hats, bags etc?

Think this one through. If you plan on hitting up Coachella this weekend it next, make sure your look is on lock.

If you are 100% sure you are straight. Go knock them dead, girl. For all of us.

But just in case you are not all there yet. Don’t sweat. I would like direct you to one of my absolute favorite brands, Pura Vida.

Just in case you didn’t know Pura Vida was founded in Costa Rica. All of their beautiful designed and crafted bracelet stacks helps support the workforce of over 650+ artisans worldwide as well as several wonderful charities. Be sure to look at the website to find your favorite one.

There are have some awesome new designs added recently by the inspiration of some very popular Social Media Influencers. Look carefully, you will most likely find ” the one” just in time.

Right now there is a sale going on for 30% everything, even the newest stacks that just dropped. It’s also not just bracelets, that have the cutest wave rings, anklets, and clutches.

Hurry now so you can snatch your favorite before they sell out and you may get it just in time for your grand entrance into the festival. Check these new arrivals and best sellers.

I snatched this one when it first came out so I wouldn’t be without it. It’s my absolute favorite. It’s inspired by Hailey Miller. You can find her on insta as @dreaming_outloud. I just adore her feed.

This is such a cute stack.

This one just dropped this week. Inspired by Jamie Kidd. Find her @jamienkidd

Which one of these would complete your look? If not any of these I’m sure you will be find yours for sure. So many stacks, so little time. For additional looks click here. Happy Shopping!

Like Free Products? Then you’ll love this review platform

I received a complimentary #bossbabevoxbox from Influenster. I agreed to review and blog about the service I have recieved. I’m also able to keep the products in lieu of payment.

It’s become easier for influencers to attain free products. All they need is to be active on most or all Social Media platforms, have a decent following count, and post quality reviews.

Brands rely heavily now on influencers such as Bloggers and Ambassadors to try and review their products to get the word out to essentially make sales. They do prefer honest feedback so if something isn’t working, it simply isn’t profitable. So, the more honest you are ( respectfully, of course ) they will most likely pay more attention.

While there are platforms out there that you have to get approved for to promote for their clients, there is one free service that is pretty amazing. Not a big following count? No biggie! This service will combine all your social media platforms and give you an impact score upon signing up. That impact score will increase the more you interact and constantly post quality content that will draw in the masses. And the best part us is its totally free.

All you have to do is review and post. Ask and answer questions for other users. You will earn badges based on completing certain tasks. And sometimes you will be randomly selected to receive a complimentary sized box full of full and trial sizes products. All you have to do is agree to the terms and review, post and complete the tasks before the deadline to unlock more badges and opportunities to receive more free boxes.

The platform is called Influenster. I have been with them for over a year and received at least 3 boxes. They are amazing. I was recently picked for their #bossbabevoxbox and this is what I received.

I have about 3 weeks left to finish up my tasks but really wanted to share how much I love this service.

So far I have been able to use the facial cleanser and the gummies. I really enjoy them both.

The gummies are so delicious and I can’t quite tell a difference yet, I’m hoping to see one when I finish. I have always wanted to try these and love that they are my favorite flavor, strawberry.

I have been using this gentle cream cleanser from Korres. I like that it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave a residue after cleansing. It’s just a clean fresh feeling that I prefer. I just wish it was in a bigger size.

The hair color I’m still kind of putting off until I can find a time to experiment and proudly show it off. I’m happy to say it does wash out pretty quickly, but not quite sure of how I would feel walking around purple or blue hair.

Although, it looks like a fun time to try it out with my kid.

I also received a face mask sample and it looks like a free box coupon from ” A Taste of Home ” valued at $80. I better get on that one.

So, yes. If you like to be apart of the awesome platform. Sign up soon so you too can start earning towards a free voxbox.

The more you interact and review, the better your chances. It’s definitely worth checking out.

They also offer some great cashback offers. I received $8 from their recent Maybelline campaign.

Are you already on Influenster? Please feel free to look me up and follow. I always follow back.

5 Items I found in the Target Bullseye Playground last month

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If you like to venture into target on a weekly basis, you most likely know by now their must-see dollar spot aka ” Bullseye Playground” is conveniently located right by the entrance/exit. It’s a freakin treasure cove.

Each month they stock it full of the insanely cutest picks for room and holiday decor, phone accessories, arts and crafts, planting tools, etc. Seriously, it’s amazing.

I sadly don’t get to visit as much as I would like, but my last spending splurge has me addicted now.

I was ecstatic to find some items I really needed and have been actively searching for, but couldn’t locate at other stores. Not to mention, I’m currently trying to redecorate my house and finding these items on a budget helps make this mommy’s mood surge to positive highs.

From what I can tell most of these items may no longer be in the Target Dollar Spot. They most likely have been replaced with some fresh product for Easter and Spring.

Nonetheless, I love what I purchased and I would like to share.

1) Laundry Care Co Signage $3

I have been on the lookout for some cute signage to hang above my laundry room door. It’s the perfect size and looks great where I have been able to place it.

2. Sock bundle

Okay, so yeah. We can find socks pretty much everywhere. But at this point in my life after living with 3 boys, my socks always get lost in almost every laundry cycle. Somehow. It always happens. Perhaps, you can relate? Maybe not. Personally, I don’t mind spending $2-$3 for a new bundle. Even if it may be weekly from now on.

3. Serving Tray

This was a treasure for me as I was on the lookout for a cute tray to add to my flaylay photos. Plus, it’s a cute centerpiece on my dining room table.

4. Metal Peg Board $5

Another treasure find for me was finding the letter board. It wasn’t the exact one I had in mind. However, finding it in the dollar spot felt like a win. I hope to use it in my flat lay photos as well.

5. Makeup Brushes

Anytime I can find cheap makeup brushes I’ll get them. So they might have been the first item I picked up, especially knowing they won’t be there for long. You just never know when a zombie apocalypse might hit. So why not stock up on necessary items, right?

Pura Vida Bracelets Monthly Club

I’m eager to get back in there soon, and even more so to hear from my readers on what they have found while shopping. I am aware I’m not the only target loving mom out there.

What are some of your favorite finds? Please be sure to comment below.

How I get paid to listen to my favorite podcasts

**This post contains affiliate links. This means when you click on a link and make a purchase or sign up for a service, I may receive a small commission from that purchase.

It’s so easy to earn currency through our mobile devices these days. I love it. I love the idea of being able to listen and earn while doing all of my household duties. It certainly keeps me motivated and eager to get things done.

As if we all already had enough trouble putting our phones down, right? Now I just learned to accept that I can earn some good side income on a daily basis just on my phone alone. Thank the heavens for Wi-Fi and my charger.. otherwise it wouldn’t be possible.

Just last week I started browsing the App Store. The first thing I always check for is the reviews to find out what other users are saying and if certain apps are worth my time. So I came across this one called PodCoin and was wanting to give it a try because it provides an all-access library of the most popular and updated podcasts. Upon signing up, I immediately searched and subscribed to as many podcasts I could find. Most of which I have been aware of and wanted to listen to. Now, I’m pretty hooked on it.

It does require an insane amount of listening and pays you in ” Coins”. You get paid 1 coin per ten minutes of listening. Yes, it sounds like nuts to do this all day every day I’m sure. But consider yourself listening to just one episode of a podcast can earn you a few just while washing the dishes or wiping your countertops.

Basically, you don’t have to sit there and watch your earnings grow, but have it playing while you are running errands, cleaning your house, chasing your kids etc. I mean time does fly by when you are busy right.

And just like many apps once you accumulate a certain amount you can choose to redeem for a gift card or donate to a charity. I’m saving up for an Amazon gift card myself. It’s my favorite new obsession right next to Swagbucks ( just because SW has PayPal ) which is also being ran on my laptop. Hey! No judgement I still have a life.

So, if you are still curious to give it a try and sign up here

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