Why I invest in these $6 Nails instead of the Salon

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If there is one thing that most women are pretty vain about, it’s the nails. Some women won’t leave their house without their makeup, so you can’t count on that being the case when her nails aren’t on fleek.

But how much time and money is invested into insuring that they are on par?

Two years ago I was in CVS and happened to come up on the nail aisle. I Always hated the press on kits because they never worked and they were pretty bland to me. But I noticed a new kit by Kiss. They were completely styled and ready to wear. I also noticed they didn’t require any glue or much maintenance required.

They were legit stick on nails. And only $8 so I just thought, why not? I was also pregnant and didn’t want to subject myself and my unborn to unhealthy chemicals. And the nail polish aroma made nauseous so I caved.

I made the purchase, returned home and immediately went to work on them. I was amazed with the pretty design and how simple the preparation was that I needed to do.

Literally, it took me just 10 -20 minutes to put them on. And I felt pretty cute and confident with my $6 nails. They actually do deliver a fresh nail salon appearance.

I was even more impressed with how long they lasted. 1 1/2 weeks and it really depends on how well you take of the nails. I have heard of other ladies being able to make theirs last longer with the right nail tools and supplies.

I actually haven’t visited a salon in a few years now, and don’t need see the need in doing so anymore. Especially knowing how much damage they were doing to my nails over the times I did visit. I feel much better now showing up to the Starbucks and hearing ” I love your nails!” And then seeing their reaction when I told them they too could get the same ones at CVS, Target, Walmart, etc


I have also noticed that more ladies are discovering them some place are out of stock of certain designs. So you can check out some here and see which ones strike your fancy.

Have you tried these yet? What are thoughts? Love to hear more about your experience in the comments.

12 Gifts for the GoT nerd in your life

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Today is the day y’all. We are now on our final season of the most beloved show.

Are you ready? I’m not but I’ll still be playing catch up. I’m still pretty behind.

Ok. So I’m sure those watch will be in need of some supplies to get them through their emotions. I have taken on the task to round up all of the essential items to help us get through it.

You can find a lot of these at different stores but I wanted to share some pretty cool finds that I’m sure some of you will appreciate.

Ok. It’s only polite. So ofcourse ladies first.

Click here to shop this shirt

I’m not quite sure what other makeup brand has an exclusive GoT themed makeup but Urban Decay is pretty on point. Take a look here

I love the Alex and Ani bracelets and thought it was pretty cool to see them have this Sansa Stark bracelet. Click here

I’m in need of a new wallet. ( not really ) So I think I will grab this for myself.

And who doesn’t need any socks? You know you need them

Now you guys might appreciate this one.

Because Apple products are expensive AF. And they need to be protected. Come on now

Because snacks are an important food group especially the chocolate kind that is themed for our favorite show for a limited time. So you might want to stock up for the full season.

Just saying.

Keep up with the rest of the year of GoT style.

If you are playing catch up like me.

Not sure how far behind you are but Just click on the pic above to find the one you need.

Talk about a really fun game night.

Some of these may be only online as they are no longer at my own store. So be sure to look up on target or Amazon to see if they have one.

This looks like the perfect gift box.

Oh I’m sure there are tons more where they came from. All of these I found on Target if none of what you are looking for is on here. Amazon may be the way to go.

Hope you enjoyed.

Are you wanting to see more GoT posts? Be sure to comment below for requests and I’ll be happy to put out more contents geared towards the series.

How to own your 2019 festival look like a boss

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It’s that time of year again. All the biggest music and entertainment festivals are rearing in and you most likely have your whole look picked out from your hair and makeup to your shoes. But are you sure it’s complete though?

What about your accessories? You know what I’m talking about. I’m just saying what about your jewelry, purses, hats, bags etc?

Think this one through. If you plan on hitting up Coachella this weekend it next, make sure your look is on lock.

If you are 100% sure you are straight. Go knock them dead, girl. For all of us.

But just in case you are not all there yet. Don’t sweat. I would like direct you to one of my absolute favorite brands, Pura Vida.

Just in case you didn’t know Pura Vida was founded in Costa Rica. All of their beautiful designed and crafted bracelet stacks helps support the workforce of over 650+ artisans worldwide as well as several wonderful charities. Be sure to look at the website to find your favorite one.

There are have some awesome new designs added recently by the inspiration of some very popular Social Media Influencers. Look carefully, you will most likely find ” the one” just in time.

Right now there is a sale going on for 30% everything, even the newest stacks that just dropped. It’s also not just bracelets, that have the cutest wave rings, anklets, and clutches.

Hurry now so you can snatch your favorite before they sell out and you may get it just in time for your grand entrance into the festival. Check these new arrivals and best sellers.

I snatched this one when it first came out so I wouldn’t be without it. It’s my absolute favorite. It’s inspired by Hailey Miller. You can find her on insta as @dreaming_outloud. I just adore her feed.

This is such a cute stack.

This one just dropped this week. Inspired by Jamie Kidd. Find her @jamienkidd

Which one of these would complete your look? If not any of these I’m sure you will be find yours for sure. So many stacks, so little time. For additional looks click here. Happy Shopping!

What came inside my latest VoxBox from Influenster

I received a complimentary #joahvoxbox from Influenster. I agreed to review and blog about the service I have recieved. I’m also able to keep the products in lieu of payment.

It’s become easier for influencers to attain free products. All they need is to be active on most or all Social Media platforms, have a decent following count, and post quality reviews.

Brands rely heavily now on influencers such as Bloggers and Ambassadors to try and review their products to get the word out to essentially make sales. They do prefer honest feedback so if something isn’t working, it simply isn’t profitable. So, the more honest you are ( respectfully, of course ) they will most likely pay more attention.

While there are platforms out there that you have to get approved for to promote for their clients, there is one free service that is pretty amazing. Not a big following count? No biggie! This service will combine all your social media platforms and give you an impact score upon signing up. That impact score will increase the more you interact and constantly post quality content that will draw in the masses. And the best part us is its totally free.

All you have to do is review and post. Ask and answer questions for other users. You will earn badges based on completing certain tasks. And sometimes you will be randomly selected to receive a complimentary sized box full of full and trial sizes products. All you have to do is agree to the terms and review, post and complete the tasks before the deadline to unlock more badges and opportunities to receive more free boxes.

The platform is called Influenster. I have been with them for over a year and received at least 3 boxes. They are amazing. I was recently picked for their #joahvoxbox and this is what I received.

I have about 3 weeks left to finish up my tasks but really wanted to share how much I love this service.

I was really excited to receive both of these as I really love facial masks and the peel off ones are my absolute favorite as I can actually see and feel the results right away.

I tried the charcoal mask first and really like how it wasn’t as heavy going on and painful coming off. There have been peel off masks that left my face red for a good while. Joah seems to have the perfect balance of ingredients to do the work and not overwhelm my skin.

I love using makeup remover wipes not just for removing makeup but to give my skin a extra boost of “clean” during the day. I love how moist and soft it leaves my skin. It feels refreshing to this during those hot summer days we get here in the Carolinas. I usually carry Neutrogena wipes, but I really like having these on my person wherever I need to go nowadays.

I was especially excited to try this out as I haven’t invested in a facial setting spray and wanted to see how this would work for me before I started looking out for one.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the dewy feel as I liked how it looked on others but my face is different. I struggle with several skin issues and always mainly focus on keeping it clean and fresh.

The other day I played with my makeup so I could find a nicer summer look. I decided to try the spray and was relieved to feel how it made my afterlook feel and it lasted for several hours. That can be a struggle during these heat waves. And my enormous pores that I can never seem to shrink for the life of me looked less visible after the use. I’m now addicted to it.

well that’s all I got in this VoxBox this month. I absolutely love being picked and trusted to share my opinion of these products.

So, yes. If you like to be apart of the awesome platform. Sign up soon so you too can start earning towards a free voxbox.

The more you interact and review, the better your chances. It’s definitely worth checking out.

They also offer some great cashback offers. I received $8 from their recent Maybelline campaign.

Are you already on Influenster? Please feel free to look me up and follow. I always follow back.

5 Splurge worthy items I found in the Target Dollar Spot last month

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If you like to venture into target on a weekly basis, you most likely know by now their must-see dollar spot aka ” Bullseye Playground” is conveniently located right by the entrance/exit. It’s a freakin treasure cove.

Each month they stock it full of the insanely cutest picks for room and holiday decor, phone accessories, arts and crafts, planting tools, etc. Seriously, it’s amazing.

I sadly don’t get to visit as much as I would like, but my last spending splurge has me addicted now.

I was ecstatic to find some items I really needed and have been actively searching for, but couldn’t locate at other stores. Not to mention, I’m currently trying to redecorate my house and finding these items on a budget helps make this mommy’s mood surge to positive highs.

From what I can tell most of these items may no longer be in the Target Dollar Spot. They most likely have been replaced with some fresh product for Easter and Spring.

Nonetheless, I love what I purchased and I would like to share.

1) Jewelry Metal Board Organizer

I have seen a lot of fun jewelry organizers and thought this was a cool add. Hang it on your wall above a dresser.

2. Wall Shelf

These are pretty cute decor shelves to place any fun and funky items to help your wall space some personality.

3. Microwave safe containers

I think these might have been in the wrong spot but these are perfect for soups or small lunches you would like to take with you for work.

4. Light Decor

These are a great add for the kitchen or a cool new small food business.

5. Utility Bin

This is perfect for the new college student looking for more organization. It’s already a pretty tight space especially if you are rooming with somebody, so any cool utility bag to hang somewhere is ideal.

Pura Vida Bracelets Monthly Club

I’m eager to get back in there soon. They are really good about updating the playground regularly. I love all of what they have. They have something for everyone.

What are some of your favorite finds? Please be sure to comment below.

How I get paid to listen to my favorite podcasts

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It’s so easy to earn currency through our mobile devices these days. I love it. I love the idea of being able to listen and earn while doing all of my household duties. It certainly keeps me motivated and eager to get things done.

As if we all already had enough trouble putting our phones down, right? Now I just learned to accept that I can earn some good side income on a daily basis just on my phone alone. Thank the heavens for Wi-Fi and my charger.. otherwise it wouldn’t be possible.

Just last week I started browsing the App Store. The first thing I always check for is the reviews to find out what other users are saying and if certain apps are worth my time. So I came across this one called PodCoin and was wanting to give it a try because it provides an all-access library of the most popular and updated podcasts. Upon signing up, I immediately searched and subscribed to as many podcasts I could find. Most of which I have been aware of and wanted to listen to. Now, I’m pretty hooked on it.

It does require an insane amount of listening and pays you in ” Coins”. You get paid 1 coin per ten minutes of listening. Yes, it sounds like nuts to do this all day every day I’m sure. But consider yourself listening to just one episode of a podcast can earn you a few just while washing the dishes or wiping your countertops.

Basically, you don’t have to sit there and watch your earnings grow, but have it playing while you are running errands, cleaning your house, chasing your kids etc. I mean time does fly by when you are busy right.

And just like many apps once you accumulate a certain amount you can choose to redeem for a gift card or donate to a charity. I’m saving up for an Amazon gift card myself. It’s my favorite new obsession right next to Swagbucks ( just because SW has PayPal ) which is also being ran on my laptop. Hey! No judgement I still have a life.

So, if you are still curious to give it a try and sign up here

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3 Exhilarating reasons why you should use this app to amp up your sex life

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Have you and your partner been looking for ways to connect more when you both are separated? Are you both fighting hard to keep that hot sexual chemistry alive as long as possible? Well, fight no more.

I might know of a really exciting new option to help you and your partner out.

Let me just say that sex with an amazing partner that you trust and care about deeply can be out of this world amazing for several reasons. It’s not all just about foreplay, positions, cute outfits, and all the pleasure items.

It’s about connection.

So, in what ways do you and your partner use to stay connected? If you aren’t well this app can help.

We- Connect is the hottest new adult pleasure experience I think all couples should try out.

If you are experiencing a relationship where your significant other is absent a lot because of work, this could be amazing for both of you.

There are a few amazing reasons why you and your partner should consider this.

First, it gives you the option to video chat while your away from each other. Yes, you you can FaceTime but this is not your ordinary video chat option.

Second, while you are video chatting and hearing it up. You can give each other great pleasure by controlling the levels of the pleasure items you might own through We-Connect. There is a vibrator for her that the partner can help control from afar while watching all the pleasure through the video chat. Both partners can experience an exhilarating experience and stay connected.

Third, you can feel safe knowing there is 100% security in your sexy exchange. You both can enjoy each other privately and help build back a connection that might have died off.

To me this is a bigger turn on than the 50 shades porn fiction. You both can open up to each other and try out something that both of you give and receive to each other while being so far apart.

Now that you know of a new option, what’s stopping you from talking to your partner and trying out this new and exciting feature together?

Please feel free to let me know if you have tried it or are interested in trying it. I would love to hear feedback on whether it helped you and your partner out.

7 Apps that pays me In PayPal Cash ( #1 and #3 are my favorites)

As you may know there is so many apps out there that pay you to use them. But how much room and time can we really devote to our phones with them all. I mean really. I have tried a lot and have narrowed it down to just under 10. The rest I have for other important reasons.

It’s a breath of fresh air to realize that just about every kind of purchase we make, we can expect to receive a small return on them all. Praise to the technology gods out there. Although, any hopes to abandon my phone for unplugging are pretty much nonexistent.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

I know there are people who are reluctant to use these apps and with good reason. But that’s why I have tried all of these and have received a payment through most of them and still trying some out. So you can trust and believe that I will update this as often as possible to verify their credibilities.

So let’s get right down to them.

1) Dosh

My absolute favorite just because it really doesn’t take much effort and it’s super easy, efficient, and the payout is almost always instant.

All you do is sign up and link one card that you regularly shop with and you automatically are awarded with $5 in you account right away. Easy Peasy, right?

What’s even better is that during special promos, Dosh awards those can successfully refer their friends and family with up to $10-$15 bonuses. The upside to this is you can earn unlimited moolah but so many people promote this religiously on social media, there are plenty out there now that think it’s a scam and are missing out on some awesome cashback opportunities.

I have had it for almost a year now and have cashed out twice. You must reach up to $25 to cash out.

Another advantage to this app is that you don’t have to purchase certain items from a store, but as long as you shop at the designated store that’s on the app, you will get your cashback automatically. Also, make sure to use the card you signed up with. Now, if you have more than 1 card definitely add that on as well so you never miss a chance to earn.

Stores that are featured are Walmart, Forever 21, Sephora, Exxon, CVS, Payless, Sams Club, etc

Check it out, here!

2) Ibotta

So, this one has been around for a pretty long time now but so easy and addicting to me because I love to shop way too much.

Easy signup and with this app it uses your location like Dosh ( I forgot to mention) to generate the stores in close proximity to you and all its current rebate offers. It’s mainly a good one to have for grocery shopping but also offers online rebates as well.

For this one you will need to definitely save those receipts though because the app requires you to scan your receipt using its own camera function and usually awards you pretty quick.

Right now, they are also offering a $15 per referral who signs up. To date I have cashed out $323.05 to my PayPal account and they also offer other gift card options.

Click here to sign up

3) Shopkick

So this isn’t your typical cashback app but it’s pretty fun and addicting to me.

If you like to have a fun time scanning random product barcodes in the store this can be super entertaining and rewarding.

So with every holiday this app offers a lot of opportunities to earn kicks. You just open the app and look up all the stores close by that are offering for walk-ins and scanning opps and it’s just that simple. It also offers more kicks if you decide to buy one of the featured items you scan. Once you reach a certain amount of kicks you can cash out. And yes, they just recently added PayPal as an option.

Hey! At least while you are waiting for those lines to simmer down you can scan stuff in the aisle.

Check it out, here!

4) Swagbucks

I discovered this awesome app back in 2013 and fell in love. It’s really not just cashback but holds so many opportunities to earn towards free money. It’s still a great one to search deals online. So while you are shopping online for Cyber Monday be sure to access your favorite stores through swagbucks to earn some money back and redeem towards a nice gift card for yourself. This awards you through online searches, surveys, and watching random videos.

Click here to learn more.

5) Coinout

So I am just now using this but it’s definitely worth signing up with. If you are one to save receipts, this will be a good use cash out once you are done shopping. Now I will say that they pay you a pretty small amount in chunk change per captured receipt. However, each receipt will add up.

I have noticed you can only capture a few of these a day, but as long as the receipt isn’t more than 2 weeks old you can earn from them.

You can redeem for a gift card, Paypal, or transfer to a bank.

So, now that you know about these, I hope you will at least consider them for your shopping needs. It helps to know while you are shopping for everyone on your list that you can save and make money back on almost every purchase. These apps are a great help to me and I’m sure they can be to you all as well.

So, do you know of an app I didn’t list up here? Be sure to leave them in the comments and I will update asap. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

6. Zap Surveys

I’m not a huge survey junkie seeing that I almost never qualify. But when I do and I get a nice little payment, It does feel good. Like epic white girl dance feel good.

This app I like to use solely because I get to check in everyday at my workplace and earn from that. It does award you for location sharing. I’ve been using it for a Little bit now and halfway to meeting threshold balance to check out so I’m happy to keep using it.

Click here for Zap

7. GetUpside

I learned of this through a fb friend around Christmas time and was very pleased to learn I could earn some CB for fueling up. Seriously, as much as I drive it’s worth seeing a little bit from that. You can earn up to $8/Gallon right now at select pumps.

And just like with most apps, it pays to have friends. So ofcourse, sharing is caring. Get Upside

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How to Schedule your next Instagram Post when you unplug

This post contains affiliate links which means I may or may not receive compensation when you click on one of my links and make a purchase.

We all need to unplug from our phones and social media once in a blue moon. Sometimes we need to just step away from social media and try to enjoy our time away. For most of us that work from our phones that seems almost bloody impossible considering that’s how we connect or even live. How sad is that?

But there is a way to schedule your next story or awesome post without having to even check your platforms while you are unplugged.


We all know about Tailwind and how we all utilize it to schedule our most popular blog posts on Pinterest. As of early this year, it has released the Instagram Version.

Pinterest is always my favorite platform to use. I could spend all day on there if I wanted to, but then I would not get anything done. So whenever I discovered Tailwind I fell I love with how easy and efficient it was to help schedule my own content. When I heard that it has finally unleashed its own Instagram version, I just knew there was hope for me.

Instagram is a whole different animal. Followers drop like flies for those who work hard to earn and keep them. That means posting valuable content daily. Sometimes 1-3 times a day.

So, if you are planning that week long excursion overseas or on the sea, you may not have to fret about losing followers yet. Tailwind will now be your best friend.

For those of you new to the blogging world, Tailwind is a very convenient auto posting tool that helps schedule your posts and pins at times when your audience is most likely to engage. This comes in hand especially when you are least available and no longer have to worry about missing an important posting time.

What’s more exciting is the super rad features they have recently come out with to help post content at the best times.

(This one has been around since they launched the Instagram version but still very important to mention.)

Hashtags can be a headache sometimes because they are one of the most important factors in building audience engagement but sometimes using too many or the wrong ones can work against us rather than for us.

It automatically generates relatable and relevant hashtags that are best matched for the posts and niche. That eliminates so much time wasted on searching for all those popular tags that really did nothing for my posts.

Their newest features are super efficient and effective in providing the content be scheduled to post the most crucial times even when you are unplugged.

-Switch between auto posts and notifications reminders

While being disengaged from Instagram you can opt to receive reminders through IOS Notifications to help schedule your posts at the best times through Tailwind.

-Auto cropping from Tailwind

This automatically sets a “smart” crop to images that are too wide or tall so no need to lift a pinky to this.

So, now you can continue to enjoy your much needed time away while Tailwind does most of the work for you. Learn to put your phone away and enjoy all of the best moments. If they are absolutely Instagram worthy, Tailwind will become your new bestie.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here